Depression and ‘Three Beautiful Things’


While depression is one of the most common mental health concerns that people suffer from, it is not a condition that takes a single form. It affects each person uniquely and can look very different from one to another. In addition, the different types of depression are diverse, ranging from clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder, to postpartum depression and dysthymia (chronic depression). Symptoms can be debilitating and can include crying, anxiety, low self­-esteem, a lack of energy, sleeping difficulties, physical aches and pains, and a bleak view of the future.

As depression can be an ‘invisible’ illness, some people find it difficult to understand the effect it can have. They might see depression as trivial or dismiss it altogether and this can make it harder for those experiencing it to speak openly and seek the help they need. There are many blogs which provide support and describe the difficulties people can experience living and battling depression.  Three Beautiful Things is slightly different as the writer encourages us to be mindful of our surroundings. Clare Law lists three things she is grateful for every day. Effectively an online gratitude journal, her account makes us look up and around to pay attention to the good things happening all around us.