A thought for Guy Fawkes

The definition of resilience involves the capacity to withstand major trauma and loss, overcome adversity, and to prevail, usually with increased resources, competence and connectedness. Resilience, coping and healing may be enhanced in the presence of rituals; these often occur around transitions, birthdays, weddings, funerals, and religious occasions, or may just be a habit like a family movie night. Simple bedtime rituals for children provide connection and routine, which hold comfort and security. There is evidence to suggest that all these rituals enhance family health and functioning. They also assist family members to cope with ongoing stress and to heal from trauma, grief and depression.

The 5th of November is widely celebrated as bonfire night or Guy Fawkes. The fact that it commemorates the failed plot in the 1600’s of the attempt to blow up the House of Lords has become somewhat lost in the experience and excitement of the late night, parties, bonfires and fireworks.  The celebration of Guy Fawkes allows us the opportunity to spend time with our friends and family. Taking time out from our busy lives, to pay attention to our own and others’ emotional and physical needs can allow the healing powers of celebrating an event to take place.

Play with Fire