The Red Shoes

Addictive behaviour can be understood to mean anything that depletes life whilst seeming to make it better. This can be shopping, internet pornography, eating or any compulsive behaviour that affects how we feel as well as drugs and alcohol. The fairy tale about red shoes by Hans Christian Andersen tells us a lot about this… Read more

Devotion and Drink

The word addiction comes from the Latin addicto which means to devote. According to Roman history, soldiers were given slaves as a reward for fine battles fought. People who were slaves to anything were “addicts”. Alcoholism is perceived to be a physical addiction but this is a myth. Most alcoholics are not physically addicted. However,… Read more


Now I come to look at love in a new way, now that I know I’m not standing in its light. I want to ask my almost-no-longer husband what it’s like to not love, but he does not want to talk about it, he wants a stillness at the end of it. And sometimes I… Read more


Modern life can be frustrating. Delayed trains, traffic, family friction and the demands of other people can all conspire to prevent life from running as smoothly as we would like. Learning that we are unable to satisfy our desires leads us to look for reasons why, someone or something to blame. It raises anxiety and… Read more