What We Offer

We are a psychotherapy and counselling service providing assessment, treatment and support to help people understand themselves and become more able to cope with their difficulties.

Thanks to the School of Life for this video, which describes psychotherapy and the everyday reasons why people might seek help.

We are able to offer therapy by Skype and telephone for those unable to attend in person..

Your relationship with your therapist is crucial for a successful outcome. Each therapist in our practice offers individual qualities and experience. Your initial consultation is an essential first step to ensure we are able to best assess your needs and match you with someone who will be able to help you with your unique circumstances.

If your GP has already suggested a specific treatment, or you have heard of a therapy you think may be beneficial, please contact us as 0207 730 1242 or email info@thecourtyardgarden.org to discuss how we can help.

Therapy is an experience where some things may be shared for the first time. Everything discussed within sessions will remain strictly confidential, as will all contact, whether via email or telephone.